6 Ways You Can Use CAPS Writing & Language Services NOW

CAPS writing tutors can support you in:

1) Avoiding the procrastination trap.


There is no better time to get started on your end-of-semester writing projects. Stop by the Writing and Language Center for drop-in hours, where writing tutors are around to chat with you about your paper ideas, help you create an outline for your ideas, formulate a working thesis statement, or help you to plan your writing schedule to make your project manageable.

2) Growing writing skills that go beyond the classroom setting.

In addition to working with you on any piece of writing you do within your undergraduate classes, CAPS writing tutors can also work with you on scholarship essays, graduate school application essays, letters of intent, resumes, and cover letters as you begin your job search.

3) Navigating any stage of the writing process.

Whether or not you have written a draft or are just beginning to think about a topic for your writing assignment, CAPS writing tutors are here to encourage and assist you.

The Writing and Language Center offers you a productive workspace and multilingual writing community. There are desktops available for student use as well as laptops and headphones available for checkout with your student ID.

CAPS language tutors can support you in

1) Reducing the stress of stepping into a new language.

Your first few weeks in a foreign language class can be daunting. CAPS language tutors understand this, and can work with you to navigate the first steps you take. We strive to make our conversation groups and drop-in labs welcoming and supportive to all language learners.

2) Growing communication skills within your new language.

Language tutors can help you to build the foundation needed to learn your new language, whether you’re working on comprehension, grammar, and communication skills at all levels. Language tutors also specialize in the cultures associated with the language you’re learning.

3) Maintaining existing skills in a language, and developing new skills even if you aren’t enrolled in a language class this semester.

The best way to maintain and grow your language skills are to practice them. If you aren’t actively studying your language in the classroom this semester, come experience the fun and interactive environment of a  CAPS conversation group.

CAPS strives to create a productive and welcoming environment for all UNM students. Come join our learning community, where our tutors will meet you where you are, and support you as you work toward your goals.

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