Using CAPS in the Comfort of Your Pajamas

Pajamas are my favorite thing in my dresser. If it was socially acceptable to wear pajamas all the time, I totally would. I even considered buying cheesy business pajamas in a lazy effort to bring my always-pajama dreams to fruition. Sadly, we live in a culture in which we must wear real clothes if we want to be taken seriously by our friends, family, coworkers, and other fellow citizens. That being said, there is one place where you can get away with wearing pajamas 24/7- the CAPS Online Learning Center (OLC)!

Here are all the ways in which the OLC can help you this summer (or fall), regardless of where you are or what you are wearing.


OLC Tutoring Rooms for Biology, Chemistry, and Math

If you are taking a Math, Biology, or Chemistry course this summer, you can receive live online support through the Online Learning Center (OLC). Visit the OLC to connect with a tutor every Sunday-Thursday evening from 5:00-8:00 pm. Once inside an OLC Room, you communicate with your CAPS tutor via text, audio, or video based chat and a shared virtual whiteboard. Live, individual tutoring with a CAPS tutor from your computer? Sounds like a perfect way to study in your pajamas!

Online Writing Assistance

If you’re in a class that requires extensive writing, consider sending drafts of your assignments to the Online Writing Lab (OWL). You can upload a writing assignment for any undergraduate course to the OWL and receive feedback from a writing tutor within 48 business hours


Stay Connected (and Informed)!

CAPS uses social media as a learning tool and academic support resource. The CAPS Blog has over 375 articles written by our team of undergraduate and graduate student tutors. These articles cover a wide array of academic disciplines, learning strategies, and tips to be successful at UNM and online. Follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, or Pinterest to stay connected with Your Learning Center this year and beyond!

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