Let’s Learn Languages!

Hi, Hola, Oi, Hallo, Bonjour, Ciao, Привет, مرحبا, 你好, こんにちは, Yá’át’ééh, Salvete, and χαίρετε, LOBOS! Are you ready to have fun with languages?

This semester, CAPS Language Team is offering Drop-In hours and Conversation Groups for all the languages we provide aide for.

Drop-Ins: Come to our Drop-In hours for a collaborative, social environment where you can work on your language assignments with tutors and other learners! Language tutors can assist with all aspects of your language learning experience, from grammar and pronunciation to writing and conversation skills to cultures. You are welcome to come with your classmates. No appointment is necessary.

Conversation Groups: CAPS also offers weekly Conversation Groups, ideal for gaining practice in speaking a language. Here are some examples of the fun things we do:

(a Games

Do you like to play games such as Monopoly, Taboo, and Guess Who? Now, you can play them in the language you are learning!

(b Mock scenarios

Let’s order a piece of chocolaty Sachertorte in Vienna, shop at a colorful bazaar in Marrakech, spend holidays in Rome, or get lost in crazy-busy Tokyo! You can prepare for situations that you might encounter during your time abroad.

(c Movies

The Language Learning Center in Ortega Hall has a comfy movie room and a great collection of movies in different languages.

(d Reading time

We might also read folk tales, short stories, poems, and classical literature in your language.

(e And more!!

Story-making, haiku contest, tongue-twisters, pop music, parties, etc., you name it! Or we can simply chit-chat in the language you are learning. All UNM students, language learners, and native speakers are invited to Conversation Groups. No appointment necessary. Just bring your coffee, café, caffè, Kaffe, кофе, القهوة, 咖啡, コーヒー, or gohwééh and enjoy!!

We hope to see you soon!
– CAPS Language Team

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