4 Ways to Get Involved at UNM

For many students college is the first time being away from your family and friends.  Many students may think, “what is there for me to do?“   The University of New Mexico offers many opportunities for students to get involved on campus.  From joining a sorority or fraternity to simply playing intramural sports, UNM has activities to get you involved and to make your college experience one worth remembering.  Getting involved in campus activities gets you connected with students and staff that have knowledge that can assist you in your future endeavors.  The best thing to do in college is meet people that can assist you in your future career.

Here are a few suggestions of how to get involved during your time at UNM:

1) Apply for a position at ASUNM!

ASUNM is the representative body of undergraduate students.  Their purpose is to represent the undergraduate students and their best interests.  They are dedicated to making the university the best place it can be for undergraduates.  They offer many diverse events where you will meet lots of students as well as faculty and staff.

2) Join a Fraternity or a Sorority at UNM!

The university’s Fraternity and Sorority system is a huge part of campus life.  These organizations like Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) provide skills in leadership, community service, as well as carry high academic ideals.  Joining this community will connect you with many other students.  Joining will also allow you to make friendships and connections that last a life time.

3) Play an intramural sport!

UNM offers many different intramural sports.  They offer flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, softball, badminton, and many others.  All intramural sports are offered to students and faculty/staff as long as you are attending the current semester.  Intramural sports allow you to stay active as well as meet new people who have the same interests as you.  They also can relieve the stress that college brings and trade it out for an hour of fun!

4) Visit a student support center!

UNM offers many support centers such as the African American Student Services, American Indian Student Services, El Centro de la Raza, Women’s Resource Center, and many others.  These programs offer assistance in helping students be successful and confident during their time here at the University.

This is just a small list of the many programs that UNM offers to get students involved at UNM!  Don’t waste your time here at the university.  Get involved, make connections, and make memories that will last a life time!

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