Healthier Study Snacks

Finals will be here before you know it, and along with that comes the dreaded all-night study session.

While cramming for finals, you’ll need to make sure to stay alert, but most of us don’t have time to make elaborate meals during study sessions and end up ordering pizza and guzzling down energy drinks. STOP THE MADNESS!

Fun fact about the brain: 20% of our body’s energy is used by our brain! Isn’t that a crazy thought? Your brain needs glucose to think (glucose comes from carbs), but the typical study snacks give us energy for a little while, but cause us to crash shortly after. Foods packed with sugar cause us to feel tired too quickly, and pizza, chips, and salty foods full of preservatives just make us feel bloated, tired, and hungry again in just a few hours. A ton of insulin is released in response to simple carbs, and instead of those carbs making their way to your brain, they make their way to your butt or belly (or other fat storage container).

So…what should you really be eating and drinking to keep your brain at 100% while studying for Math, Science, and English all at once? You’ve got the obvious choices: cheese, nuts, a turkey roll-up, and more, but we’ve got a few new ideas, as well…

Toss that old bag of chips, step away from the soda, and hang up on the pizza guy, because these snacks are exactly what you need! Check out this chart for the best study snacks that will give you a lift without packing on the pounds:



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