Quick, Two Minute Time Management Tips


Source: Ellen Hartson

As college students, we continually struggle to find the time to complete our homework, have a social life, and get a decent amount of sleep. Sometimes, we are even tempted to say that we don’t have enough time for all of these tasks. Here are some Time Management Tips that we have personally found helpful in making the most of our time.


Source: Englishtown

1. Know the difference between pushing yourself and burning out:

It’s very common to find yourself entangled in school and feeling like you never have a break. There are nights when sleep has to be sacrificed to meet a deadline or to study for an exam. While it is important to be driven and motivated when it comes to school work, it is also important to schedule time for self-care and relaxation. Pushing yourself too hard for too long can result in burnout, which will eventually result in less productivity. Stress management and time management can alleviate the feeling of burnout.

For additional resources on Stress Management, check out the Student Health and Counseling website (SHAC.unm.edu).


Source: MindtheProduct

2. Remember that your schedule fills up faster than you think.

Planning is very important when it comes to managing school work and other activities. Using an agenda or printing out a calendar can be a useful method of time management. When planning, note that your schedule may fill up faster than you think, and buffer time is important to schedule. These buffer times account for unforeseeable plans in your schedule.One way to combat these daunting deadlines, and ginormous projects is by creating mini deadlines. These

Something that we have found helpful to begin planning your day, is to take one minute and write down everything you can think of that needs to get done. Then, put a star next to the three most important tasks that need to be done that day, and an arrow next to two other tasks that could get done if you have time left over. Then pick the easiest of the three starred tasks and begin! These tasks you write down don’t have to be monster tasks, but we recommend that they are mini-deadlines or goals that are realistically achievable that day. For example, if you have a six page research paper to write, a mini-deadline could be “Write the introductory paragraph”. This can include breaking down a paper into various sections and giving yourself mini deadlines before the deadline scheduled made by your professor.

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