Using Pinterest to Get Organized, Succeed in Classes and Have a Good Time

When I first started “Pinteresting” last year, the majority of my repins consisted of recipes for baked goods, dorm room decoration ideas, and cute Fall outfits. Pinterest helped me get through boring classes and kill time before falling asleep at night.

One day in class (yes I was Pinteresting in class), I came across this pin:

I read through it and had an epiphany. What if I searched for tips about organizing schoolwork and managing my busy schedule? I gave it a shot and lo and behold, there were like-minded Pinteresters before me who had posted these wonderful resources on how to get organized for class.

This opened up my curiosity about other academic resources I might be able to find on Pinterest. I started with writing and language pins, as I was a writing tutor and I could use all the help I could get.

In exploring for more academic resources, I found that there is a whole sphere of Pinterest that I had not yet explored. I found articles, videos, and ideas about virtually any subject I needed help with!

Whether I needed help with a Biochemistry class, creating my schedule for the week, or tips on test taking, I could find everything on Pinterest! This site, which used to be my solution to boredom, became a huge resource for me to better organize my life.

In the end, Pinterest is still primarily a fun site which will never run out of gluten-free cookie recipes or collaging ideas, but it can be used as an academic resource as well.  And guys—if you think Pinterest only for the ladies…don’t worry- I have a whole board dedicated to companions of the four-wheeled kind.

Ready to get started using Pinterest as an academic resource? UNM’s Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) conveniently posts academic and organizational pins on our Pinterest page. Follow CAPS on Pinterest to reap the benefits!

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