Quick, Two Minute Time Management Tips Part 2

As college students, we continually struggle to find the time to complete our homework, have a social life, and get a decent amount of sleep. Sometimes, we are even tempted to say that we don’t have enough time for all of these tasks. Here are some more Time Management Tips that we have personally found helpful in making the most of our time. (Part 1 of this blog)

1. Control your environment and distractions

Source: Zimmerman Library

It’s always important to study in an environment that meets your personal needs such as noise level and commotion. If your dorm room or bedroom has too many distractions, there are other great places to study on campus.

For more information about which study environment is best for you, and a list providing great study spots at UNM, check out our “Study Environment Self Survey”.

2. Divide your time into smaller increments.

Source: Wikia

There’s a method of breaking up time into manageable chunks that we have found to be really helpful called the Pomodoro Technique. This technique involves working for 25 minutes, then taking a short 5 minute break. After doing this four or five times, it is suggested that you take a longer break for 20 to30 minutes. This has been shown to maximize your time and prevent burnout.

One tool we’ve used is an app called “Clear Focus.” It utilizes this method and keeps a running timer, alternating between 25 minute work periods and 5 minute breaks to keep you on task.

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