Test Prep Strategies

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Like most college students, you will likely have to take many Exams, Finals, and other tests throughout your college career.  Along with the sad realization that these tests are typically what drives your grade for your class, this means that it is very handy to know some test prep strategies.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies:

1) KNOW THE CONTENT! The key to this one isn’t just studying and cramming before the test.  Content preparation should be done all semester long and should include good notetaking, consistent class attendance, doing the homework, etc.  I know just as good as anyone  that this  is difficult, and  I have learned  the hard  way that  this is a constant endeavor.

2) POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT! Any time I study, I like to indulge myself with some sort of a treat or chocolate bar.  It gives me a second to collect my thoughts while I enjoy a yummy snack, and psychologists say that it can create a positive connection with happiness and studying!

3) SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP! Like all the experts say, sleep is one of the most important things for a healthy mind before a test. I understand that sometimes it is hard to rationalize going to bed before a big test when you feel like you should still be studying, but staying up late and being tired during a test will reduce cognitive activity and can harm you more than help you.

4) HELP IS HERE! Finding a good tutoring program that compliments the way you learn can be a lifesaver for a difficult class. I recommend going around campus and trying out the different tutoring programs that are available. I find it most useful for me to be able to just go in and study, and then I can ask questions when I am unsure about something. This helps me know the content better and fill in any information that I didn’t quite understand from lecture before I go in for a test.

5) DRESS FOR SUCCESS! This is something that I personally like to do, and I feel like it helps me a lot. For  every exam  or test  that  I have, I dress up  in my nicest clothing.  It may seem shallow, but the positive comments that I may receive about my appearance tend to help me not worry as much about my test.  This may not be your thing, but try it out!  It may help you the same way it helps me!

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