Five Great Reasons to Come Into the WLC

CAPS we offer tutoring in a wide variety of subjects alongside other services such as supplemental instruction and workshops on learning strategies.  We surveyed the writing and language tutors about the use of the Writing and Language Center.  Tutors reported the top three reasons why students came in based on their experiences. Here are the top five reasons that writing students come into the center.

Source: Dominique

Source: Welwet Woods

5. Outlining

Many students come into the center because they have a difficult assignment coming up and are uncertain where to start.  Outlining is one of the most important pre-writing activities, but it can be very intimidating if you don’t have a lot of practice with it.  At CAPS, peer tutors are experienced with creating and utilizing outlines and would be happy to get you started on the writing process!

4. Citations and formatting

Adding citations to an academic paper is one of the most challenging parts of the writing process despite being the most formulaic.  It is also high pressure since a lack of citations falls into the dangerous realm of Academic Dishonesty.  Shiver… Adding citations when using good resources and tools can be relatively painless and will make your writing stronger.  Citing sources can be painless!

Source: Wikis

3. Thesis Statements

The biggest focus of most introductory writing courses is the development and adherence to a strong thesis.  What is a thesis and how does one “craft” it? Why is it essential to creating a strong argument? These are all important questions that we would love to explore with you.

Source: Slideshare

2. Organization

Organizing an essay is often best done at the pre-writing stage, but what do you do when you have a draft and realize that it may not be as organized as you would like? We can share tips and suggestions to help you organize your paper both in the stage before you write it and when you already have a draft in hand.

Source: ProofreadMyFile

1. Proofreading and grammar

The most common goal of writing students that come into the center, is to address the grammar mistakes in their papers and proofread for common errors.  While CAPS is not an editing service, we are glad to talk to you about any recurrent technical issues in your papers and love to serve as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and to help identify concepts in the writing process that you could use help with.  Let’s talk grammar!

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