The Class that Everyone Fears…


Let’s face it, there is always going to be a class that everyone fears to take in college.  This may be because the material is hard, the professor is hard, the homework load is unimaginable, or all of these things put together.  Unfortunately if you are signed up for the class you are probably in there because it’s a requirement and you can’t drop the class because you need the credit.  Although you think the class maybe dreadful you will most likely make it out of there alive.

Here are a few tips on surviving that fearful class:

1) Get organized– In your previous years in college or high school you may not have had to be organized.  This dreadful class will be different.  In most cases, tough professors will post assignments and expect you to know the deadlines.  Be organized, read the syllabus for important dates, and do whatever you need to do to know when assignment deadlines are (set reminders in your phone, write it on a calendar, etc.  Whatever method works best for you).

2) Don’t Procrastinate- Waiting until the last minute to complete a project or write a paper will not serve you well in these difficult classes.  Start early and take the time to edit/proofread your projects.  Be sure to read the rubric your professor provided and make sure you completed everything on it to receive the best grade.

3) Find the best places to study– People are different and the best study place will be different too.  Some students like to study alone in their room while others like to study with friends.  Some like the quiet of the library while others don’t mind the noise of a coffee shop.  Find your ideal studying situation and avoid distractions as much as possible.

4) Talk to the professor– In many cases, students think that talking to their professors won’t do them any good when, the truth is, the opposite is likely true.  Many professors want to help you pass and succeed, but you are in college and you need to show them you are working hard.  If you need help don’t hesitate to go to your professors’ office hours and get the help you need.  Take advantage of the time they schedule for you!

5) Strive for good grades– Although in your previous high school years good grades may have come easy for you, you have to earn your grades in college.  Don’t slack.  Set goals for yourself and make sure you work as hard as you can to achieve them.

6) Make connections in your classes– It may be easier to sit in a corner seat and not speak to anyone during your semester in this fearful class, but that will not help you succeed.  Talk to your fellow students and make friendships.  These relationships will be crucial to you if you ever miss a class or do not understand the material!  These class friends can be a great resource for you!

There are many things you can do to make sure the class everyone fears isn’t the class that is scary to you!  Be optimistic and try hard, you will surely make it out of the class alive and hopefully with a good grade!  Make personal connections in these classes and make the most of your college experience; don’t dwell on the gossip of this class, work hard and succeed!

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