Summer Tutoring

CAPS regretfully will not be open for tutoring services over the summer of 2017. We don’t want to leave you hanging on getting tutoring help for any summer courses you may be taking this year, so below is a list of tutoring resources to help you make it to the Fall 2017 semester! … More Summer Tutoring

Does Eating Turkey Really Make Us Sleepy?

Why Do We Feel Fatigued After the Thanksgiving Feast? Source: PopSci  There’s an old wives’ tale roaming around that I always hear during Thanksgiving: eating turkey makes us feel sleepy because it contains Tryptophan.  This is largely a false statement, and as Dr. Helmenstine points out, we would feel the lethargy after the Thanksgiving feast even … More Does Eating Turkey Really Make Us Sleepy?

How to Use LoboTrax

by KC Hodge and Crystal Bustamante, CAPS Student Manager of Training and Student Manager of Resource Representatives Registration for next semester courses are just around the corner! The first thing you need to know about registering for classes here at UNM is how to understand your LoboTrax audit. If you’re new to UNM, just declared … More How to Use LoboTrax

Amazing Songs to Help Learn Foreign Languages

By The Language Team Arabic: 1. This is a children’s song in Arabic. Children’s songs are wonderful to learn vocabulary from verbs, to phrases, to idiom. Japanese: 1. The vocabulary in this song is common, daily used so, in my opinion, they are very helpful to know these. The song is fairly slow … More Amazing Songs to Help Learn Foreign Languages