All About Factoring!

Are fractions a struggle? What about factoring functions with fractional exponents? Then this would be a perfect refresher for you! Factoring an Expression Containing Rational Exponents Here is an additional reminder of the other main factoring methods as well: Factoring Monomials from Polynomials Factoring Polynomials by Grouping Factoring Perfect Squares Factoring Difference of two Squares … More All About Factoring!

Be Rational—Use Partial Fractions While Integrating

If you’re in some sort of calculus class, you’ve probably seen lots of different integration problems. You might even encounter some that you can’t immediately solve without some sort of manipulation. If you’re trying to integrate a tricky rational function, you can follow these steps. To illustrate the steps, we’ll look at the following example: … More Be Rational—Use Partial Fractions While Integrating