By: Cody Moezzi and Madelyn Lucas Let’s briefly imagine that you’re on an engineering team whose space orbit is 100 km closer to crashing into earth’s atmosphere, endangering lives, and costing NASA 125 million dollars. Except, we aren’t pretending here. This is the true story of a 1999 space orbit failure. As a biochemistry major, … More UNIT CONVERSIONS

Does Eating Turkey Really Make Us Sleepy?

Why Do We Feel Fatigued After the Thanksgiving Feast? Source: PopSci  There’s an old wives’ tale roaming around that I always hear during Thanksgiving: eating turkey makes us feel sleepy because it contains Tryptophan.  This is largely a false statement, and as Dr. Helmenstine points out, we would feel the lethargy after the Thanksgiving feast even … More Does Eating Turkey Really Make Us Sleepy?